Guys my dash did a thing…

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Imagine if Breaking Bad was set in Canada or the UK or Australia. Walt discovers he has lung cancer, is promptly treated at no cost and discharged with no financial burden apart from $20 in subsidised prescriptions. The end.

hmm. it’s almost as if Breaking Bad might have been trying to say something. Who knows, though

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Gavin: Ryan has the most kids out of anyone in this room
Geoff: I would argue that I have 4 or 5
Michael: Most kids don’t like not become yours at 5pm
Geoff: No, you’re all still mine

Me: *heart shatters in to a million pieces (in a good way)*

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Red Vs. Blue? yeah I love that show. the way they just (clenches fist) blew all those reds.


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Rooster Teeth Productions Facility Tour. [x]

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I was not fucking ready

This is both the saddest and the greatest thing ever.


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LGBT Rape Culture

This makes my heart hurt

#where are the asexual statistics though#corrective rape happens to like 50% of identified asexuals#and it’s forgotten so much#this bothers me quite a lot#someone make an addition

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