This post gets deeply personal, and you may not give a flying fuck about it. That’s okay. I just need somewhere to open up..

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Well, I’m starting to become disgusted by this website. Some people will not like my reasoning, and if that’s the case, then fuck you for probably being the reason I’m leaving. If you are the reason I’m leaving, you’re a cunt. I just want you to know that.

If not, then you’re one of the good people.

I’ve noticed a trend on tumblr recently. Feminism. Now, I’d just like to say that I don’t actually mind feminism. Actual feminism, I mean. Where people believe women should be equal to men. I agree with that. I also believe women should be as equal to men as possible. By that, I mean men and women will never be the exact same, but it doesn’t mean we need to be at opposite ends of society. (It’s physically impossible to be the exact same, unless we all become hermaphrodites, or something. Genitalia and all that, you know.)

I feel the same way about racism, and classism, for example. Equality for all. If you believe the segregation of race and social classes is okay, then I will throw you off the nearest bridge for being a dickflap. Or I’ll conserve energy by ignoring you.. for being a dickflap.

Now, what I’m not okay with is extreme feminism, which I’ve started seeing a lot of on my dashboard. The sort of feminism where people believe women should completely overpower men. By the way, good job on making sure some women have practically free reign on custodial and financial rights that completely drain the wallet and mind of the innocent father, just because they feel like it. (Brain: That one’s going to be controversial, but you’ll be surprised at how much that seems to happen.. And no, I’m not talking about every divorce, only some.)

I’m talking about the type of feminist who hates every man alive, even the good guys, purely because they’re men. The ones that believe men can’t be raped because men are typically the rapists. This is what I don’t like about it. The whole “Impossible, you’re a man.” attitude. (Same goes for the “Impossible, you’re a woman.” attitude, because I’m not a cunt.)

Men can be cunts. Believe me, my father is a huge cunt. But that doesn’t mean men are cunts. (Again, same goes for “All women are sluts”. Some women are, but not all.)

I’ve had enough of basically being told I’m a piece of shit because of my genetics.

Tumblr has been great for me. I know some fantastic people because of it. Mostly women too. Even with things like fangirl/boy-ism, fandoms, anon hate, Doctor Who, One Direction, and other such bollocks this grumpy bastard hates, tumblr has been good to me. I may be back someday, probably to read all the hateful bastards flinging more bullshit at me than a copy of a red-topped British newspaper, and to respond by tearing you a new arsehole.

Remember kids, go to drugs and don’t do school.

Bye, cunts. <3

7,000th Shite-Filled Entry of Random Fuckery

This is my 7,000th post on tumblr. I think maybe 5 have been meaningful. So much for this being a writing blog. Blame Tay Jardine for that.

Recently, I hit 100 followers too. That’s quite weird to me. Either you have it in your head that I’m normal, or I’ve not been enough of an asshole on here.

Special mentions to:
Nugget for being my blubbering mess.
Panda for being a fucking epic person.
Alex for putting up with me being a cunt.
Emma for being my Scottish source of Rooster Teeth, and for being an asshat.
Sparkles* for providing me and many others with simply epic music in the past 6-7 months.
Hippo for making sure follower #100 was a Jambo Rooster Teeth fan.

I guess that’s my ‘follow forever’ list..

So yeah, thank you to each and every one of you loveable bastards. You’re all cunts, but at least you’re good cunts.

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Paramore - Sides A and B

I’ve previously slated the previews for the forthcoming Paramore album, and pretty much Hayley Williams and her management in the process.

So, I decided to listen to both Side A and B with a clear mind.

Fast In My Car - Very different from “normal”/”old” Paramore, and for once I mean that in a good way.
Now - A very slow grower on me. Still feels very pop-heavy, but overall decent.
Grow Up - Sounds like a very poor No Doubt cover song. No thanks.
Daydreaming - A lot of similarities to “old” Paramore. Would probably fit well on Brand New Eyes. Not bad.
Moving On (Interlude) - I really like this. Perhaps the Johnny Cash style made is sound pretty cool.
Ain’t It Fun - Feels like a mixture of a proper pop-based rock ‘n’ roll song, and Paramore’s style and energy. Makes for some very interesting results. Not bad.
Part II - Another pop-heavy song. The heavier instrumental section doesn’t make up for that. Very average.
Last Hope - Slow rock song. Not the best, but still okay.

Still quite a few let-downs, but overall a little better than the previews suggested. There’s still the second half of the album to come, but for now, it’s a 6/10.

Here’s my two shillings on the matter..

- Shipping real people is disrespectful, but I’m not going to say “STOP SHIPPING OMG” because you’re entitled to your opinions and beliefs. Keep it to yourself, though. Don’t be proud of it, either. And cut down on the Mavin stuff, you guys are turbo-fapping over the slightest thing.
- Mavin-shipper haters, shut the fuck up. You’re all acting like annoying fucksticks. They’re practically trolling the living fuck out of you and you’re biting so hard on it that it’s starting to sicken me. You have the right to voice your opinions, but don’t sound like absolute fucking mongs while doing so.
- We’re supposed to be united in friendship by two things - Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. If you don’t believe you should be, then you’re an absolute tool, so fuck off.

I have never seen so much in-fighting in a fandom. You guys can be awesome, so be awesome.

You’re all the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success. Fucking act like it, already.

Much love, cockbites.

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Creg’s Unpopular Opinions #1,572,294

In all honesty, my respect for Hayley Williams is diminishing all the time. Quite a feat for someone who was, at one point, the person I looked up to the most for inspiration in battling things like living in a broken home to making it as the lead singer of a fantastic band.

The Farro brothers thing started it all off, and things like that picture and her subsequent denial didn’t help. If anyone actually read what Josh Farro had to say, and weren’t clouded by fangirlly judgements (which is a huge problem in rock music today), then you’d probably feel the same way. Hayley is a product of several record label people, who always wanted her to be a pop artist. She was always a puppet, which is what caused the Farros to leave. This really comes into play later on.

I fully supported both Hayley and Paramore post-Farro split. Monster and In The Mourning are two of Paramore’s best songs, in my opinion. I had high hopes for this new album, as a result. I listened to Now, and I thought it was alright. Not great, but not poor. Plenty of albums have had poor first singles an turn out to be epic, though. However, I don’t think I’ll be saying the same about this one. Still Into You is awful, and the previews sound very, very pop-y. (Think: Lily Allen style of pop. As in, shite.) It sounds below average at best, and a lot of lyrics in the previews seem very bitter about the Farros, something that I was always wary about in Monster. I know bands change and Paramore are no different. But, if you want to change, you need to keep up the quality. Paramore haven’t. They’ve become the puppets of Hayley’s record label (note: not Paramore’s), who finally get their wish for Hayley to be a pop artist, rather than a rock artist. For that reason, I’ve lost a large chunk of my respect for her, and the rest of Paramore.

It genuinely pains me to say that I won’t be buying this album.


Geoff Ramsey

Geoff just gave me the biggest smile I’ve had for many years.

He is someone I look up to for inspiration and a huge part of my escape from life bringing me down for the past 6-7 years. To then watch the 10 Year Retrospective video and see Geoff mentioning the city I was born, raised and still live in, and crediting his visit to it as one of his biggest highlights of the past 10 years, has made not only my day, week, month, or year, but my entire decade in a pretty surreal moment on a personal level.

(Edinburgh being mentioned and praised is quite rare, especially when it comes from people you look up to)

A new personal goal in my life is to buy Geoff a beer someday.

I’d just like to thank Geoff Ramsey for helping make the past 7 years of my life better.

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Theme updated!

Now includes details of the Minecraft server I help run, as well as things like my Twitter account and my project, which is currently a work in progress.

I’ve redesigned the theme slightly. Mainly some colour changes and some aesthetics. The redesign is the coincide with the said project.

These are genuinely some exciting times for me.

Life isn’t treating me too well, but working on this project has given me something to do in my vast amounts of spare time I have. I’m loving every single thought, idea, and preparation I’ve had for it so far.


.. added myself to the RoosterTumblr birthday document.

It’s weird how I have the same birthday as redvsbluequotes, which is a blog I’ve followed for a long time.

Does this mean I’m a part of RoosterTumblr now?
If so, hi. I love you all.

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